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The student may choose from two majors: (1) Religious Studies; and (2) Religious Development.

The student minoring in Religious Studies is required to take at least one course in sacred texts; and two courses in religious thought and history; and any two (2) electives from the offerings in Religious Studies (excluding REL 100).

The student minoring in Religious Development is required to take the following courses: "Reading Scripture"; "Christian Thought"; "Foundations in Religious Development"; and "Methods in Religous Development". Additionally they are required to take 2 other courses. They should consult one of the Religous Studies faculty for more information.

Religious Studies
Courses in Religious Studies are designed to help individuals clarify their religious convictions and life goals, as well as to provide preparation for persons who anticipate further study.

A student who majors in Religious Studies may on invitation from the Religion faculty elect to pursue honors work in the major. In addition he/she must be nominated by the faculty of the Religious Studies Program. Honors courses in Religion and Philosophy may be selected with approval from honors offerings in these two (2) areas.


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